Animation project

animation filmingA few months ago we started a mini animation club for people with dementia and their carers.  We decided to use the regular walking group as inspiration and then just let things run to see what happened. We enlisted the help of Karen Hayes a librettist (she takes words and puts them into poetry, operas and much more) and she chatted and listened to members of the group as they explored some local clay landscapes as part of their weekly walks. Continue reading


A game anyone can play

playing a made up outdoor game

Following the success of our 4 week pilot of a nature based Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) programme we have decided to run the full 14 week programme. This week we welcomed lots of lovely new faces to our first session.  Each week has a different theme and this week it was games. We talked about different outdoor games and their various components and then set about making up our own game using a selection of props. Continue reading


Guest Blog – why walking works

walkers at bodmin beacon

This week we’re pleased to invite guest blogger TK to write about his time spent with our dementia friendly walking group.  We always enjoy welcoming members of the community along to our walks as this project is about people with dementia and their carers making new social connections and in turn showing their community that there is more to dementia than a diagnosis. Continue reading


Accessible Outdoors

I recently stumbled upon a great article from the Children and Nature Network;

ACCESSIBLE OUTDOORS: Kids with Social, Emotional and Physical Disabilities Go Outside!.

The author Kathy Ambrosini discusses the benefits of getting children of all abilities outside and interacting with nature and includes six steps to help you achieve this.  Lots of practical advice and tips on getting outside and having a fab time, well worth a read.

“Once you gain some regularity in getting children out
in green environments you’ll start seeing the results in
their level of self-esteem, focus and participation in social settings.”


Benefits of group walking

group walking on the clay trails

As spring dawns our dementia friendly walking group are going from strength to strength.  We’ve found that walking isn’t just good exercise and fresh air but it has allowed new friendships to form and conversations to flow freely. Problems are shared, support is given and laughs are always heard.  In fact the University of East Anglia has recently published a study on the benefits of group walking.  Continue reading