May’s Nature Palette Challenge

ImageWhy not take up the nature palette challenge this month, get outside and see what you can find! This is a great sensory experience suitable for everyone. Look out for colourful flowers, shiny leaves, soft moss, spiky grass, crunchy twigs and…..well anything you can find!  This activity makes hands-on use of natural materials and there is no need to buy anything beforehand.

What you’ll need

  • A strong piece of cardboard in whatever size you wish
  • Double sided sticky tape (or you can take ordinary tape and loop it over to form a double side)
  • An outside space, this can be a garden, a patio, a park, anywhere outside

What to do

Cut the piece of cardboard into a circular or oval shape.  Cut the sticky tape into strips and cover the cardboard.  Now you can go outside and start exploring. When you find something you like stick it to the pallete.  You can create different shapes, colours and texture patterns and each one is always unique.  May is a great month to start noticing all the different colours that are appearing, how many different colours can you find in your garden?

leaves and flowers collected in May

A selection of leaves and flowers found on the ground in May

Sticking items to a nature pallet

Arranging the items onto the sticky pallet

We have a limited stock of ready made foam nature palettes.  If you get in touch below we’d be happy to post  some out to you.


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