Sow it, grow it, eat it

In April we were at the Carers event at Eden giving out cress growing kits. Cress growing is a simple fun activity that has a wide appeal. Cress growing kitThe seeds will begin to germinate after only a day or so and get to edible height within 8-10 days. You can literally watch it grow every day which provides a real sense of achievement and you don’t have to be green fingered, just give it a little water (and love) everyday and keep it in a sunny place. Why not get creative and grow your cress in an empty egg shell, a teacup or in a pattern or interesting shape?


Image courtesy of tilwe

Through previous consultation work we have learnt that by giving someone who is cared for something to care for themselves, they can experience increased levels of confidence and mental well-being.

Did you receive one of our cress growing kits? If so we’d love to know how you got on.


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