Outdoor activities for all

We strongly believe in the power of engaging with nature at any and every level. That feeling of warm air on your face, soft wet grass on your fingers and discovering new sights and smells can dramatically impact on a person’s sense of wellbeing. You don’t have to go far or spend lots of money, just track down your nearest green space and open your mind to a sensory experience.

We recently took a group of children with special needs to an outdoor space and had a great time exploring nature.

Snail under magnifying glass

Using a simple magnifying glass helped focus attention and enabled the children to discover interesting sights and textures from a different perspective

Magnifying glass for bug hunting

We rolled a log over to discover a new world of bugs




Sticky nature palette

We collected interesting shapes, textures and colours to attach to the sticky pad

We know that accessibility of green spaces can be a major barrier to getting outside.  Where’s your nearest park, woodland, nature reserve? How accessible is it? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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