New activities and ideas

Over the coming weeks we will be uploading lots of activity ideas to do with the person you are caring for. Whilst all our resources are suitable for a wide range of people some are better suited to certain groups.

This week we are focusing on activities that are great for working with people with dementia. These activities have a strong reminiscence element and are designed around engaging in meaningful conversation. As with all our work there is a strong focus on connecting with nature and the outdoors.

Memory Postcards

memory postcard activity

This activity was designed for people living with dementia but can also be used with people with learning or communication disabilities. It focuses on making a collage of memories to prompt conversations.

Find out more and view activity sheet

Bulb Planting

bulb planting
This activity goes beyond just bulb planting. By painting the pot and creating a ‘memory flag’ participants are able to draw upon old memories and create new ones. Whilst this is a great activity for adults with dementia, all ages and abilities will be able to get enjoyment from taking part in this.

Find out more and view activity sheet

Fortune Teller

fortune teller activity

Fortune tellers are simple interactive games that allow people to go through a process together and end with a fact or a question. They are easy and fun to make and very low cost. Whatever your interest you can find something to fun to create with a fortune teller.

Find out more and view activity sheets


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