More activity ideas – sounds and smells

This week we are bringing you activity ideas that focus in on the sense of smell and sound.   In the previous blog post we took a multi sensory approach for activities such as memory postcards and bulb planting, so this week we are challenging you to hone in on one particular sense.  We believe in the power of focusing in on our senses to unlock memories, create new ones and forge powerful connections with our environment.

The following activities are very adaptable and thus suitable for many different needs, they may be particularly powerful when used with people who have limited communication.  The links below each activity will take you to the Sensory Trust website where more information and the relevant activity sheets are housed as PDF downloads and Plain Text documents.

Sound Maps

sound map activity

Sound maps are a great way of encouraging people to slow down and tune in with the place they are in. By taking the emphasis off the visual, and tuning people into the sounds around them, sound maps have proved effective with many different groups of people.  Sound maps can be very calming and great diversion away from stressful situations.

Click here to find out how to make your own sound map

Other sound activities

child doing sound activities

We have compiled a compendium of other sound activities and games that can be done on their own or combined together.  As with the sound maps these activities are designed to activate hearing and increase engagement with the environment through attentive listening.  These activities can be done individually or as part of a group and range from simple 5 minute exercises to more involved sound ‘projects’.  So, you could say there is something for everyone!

Find out more here

Spin a smell

spin a smell game

This is a unique activity game focusing in on smell.  Players take a spin on the wheel and seek out different smells either working alone or as a group. Great for playing outdoors but can also be used as a rainy day activity.  Whats more, designing and making your spin a smell game can be nearly as fun as playing it!

Click here to find out how to play the game


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