How to save a little bit of summer

flower-drying-collage Now that it’s September we have to come to the realisation that this lovely summer weather might not stick around forever.  Why not take the opportunity to pick some colour from the garden or your local park/hedgerow/woodland to press and use for activities over the winter.  Flower pressing is a great activity for all ages and abilities and can be quite exciting waiting to see how your different flowers and leaves turn out. There are no rules or wrong ways to do it, in fact we recommend that you have a go at pressing anything that takes your fancy, experiment with different textures, sizes, colours and shapes. Do some flowers keep their smell? Does the smell change? What happens to the texture once its been dried? When caring for someone with Dementia pressing flowers can bring about memories and spark conversation, it’s not just about the act of pressing it’s the association with nature, the colours and smells.

How to press flowers

It can be as simple as putting the items in a piece of paper between two heavy books.  Or, if you fancy a bit of a DIY mini project you could make your own using two pieces of hardboard with some paper in between and then screw or clamp the hardboard pieces together to form a press.   Flower presses are also available to buy fairly cheaply from many craft and hobby shops. We have produced a short film on the basics of pressing flowers so you can see how easy it really is!



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