Something for a rainy day

hoop and loop

Hoop and Loop birdfeeders

Over the summer we’ve been experimenting with making bird feeders with different groups of people and have found, like most things in life the simplest solution is actually the best one.  This activity actually came from a school visit to a farm in Gloucestershire and was a real hit. Whilst we enjoyed doing it in the blazing June sunshine this would make a really nice rainy day activity when you’re stuck for ideas.

You can get really creative by making your birdfeeder into any shape you like or by joining several together.  This activity involves threading the hoops onto pipe cleaners which we have found to be very calming, we were surprised how long some children wanted to spend just threading hoops, it allowed them to focus and really get into a rhythm.

hoop cereal spread out on tray

This activity requires minimal set up and is suitable for anyone who has a basic level of dexterity.  All you need is some hoop shaped cereal, pipe cleaners and a tray or flat surface.

We have produced a worksheet for this activity which can be downloaded by clicking here


One thought on “Something for a rainy day

  1. Lynsey says:

    This is a great low cost activity that the kids really enjoyed doing. It is always nice to send them home with something that will encourage them to connect with nature after the day out! Encouraging birds into your garden is lovely for you and for the birds!


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