Casserole Club


We wanted to share with you a fantastic project called Casserole Club currently operating in the South East but looking to expand.

The premise is simple, people sign up to make an extra portion of food when they are cooking and deliver it an older neighbour living close by who could really benefit from a hot cooked meal.  At its heart it is a mechanism to allow people to connect within their local community and get access to home cooked meals.  Diners and cookers are matched up and encouraged to chat through what foods they like to cook and eat, friendships are made and nobody misses out on a good home cooked meal.

Cooker Vijaya comments “I think its fabulous, I’ve said that from the beginning. When I usually deliver his meal, I bring enough for two days. It’s nice to know I can give somebody a home cooked meal. To me that is important.”

Being based in Cornwall we know how isolated some older people can become especially in rural areas, we also know there are a lot of lovely, friendly people out there who would like to get involved in their community more but just not sure how.

It would be great to see a version of Casserole Club in more communities or perhaps it already exists.  Do you have any experience of food sharing or cooking for your community? We’d love to hear your experiences.

You can find out more about Casserole club and sign up to be a cooker or a diner by going to


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