Easy peasy poetry

poetry example

We recently road tested our new activity countryside poetry dice.  It is designed to engage groups in creative writing and poetry based on their experiences and emotions connected with nature and the outdoors.  The activity aims to make poetry accessible and fun, helping participants express their thoughts, feelings and memories without feeling the pressure of creating poetry from scratch.  By using sensory rich words such as slimy, soft and spiky the poet can create a rich memory or story of an outdoor experience that really comes alive.

poetry dice
A dice is rolled and a word chosen from one of the corresponding themed bags and then the beginnings of a poem will start to emerge before your very eyes.  You can then add associated words, rhyming words and connecting words to create your own unique poem, story or memory.

To find out more and details of how to put together your own poetry kit click here

We worked with a group from Bude memory cafe who, over 45 mins with lots of laughter produced the following fantastic poem;

countryside poem


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