gofindit – new outdoor game

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Over the last twelve months we have been working hard testing, developing and designing a new sensory rich outdoor activity that we are really excited about. The game is called gofindit and it is an outdoor scavenger hunt card game that invites players to use their senses to explore the natural environment.  We wanted to create a fun activity that is easily portable, could be enjoyed by all abilities and most importantly engages people with their natural surroundings no matter what or where that might be.

gofindit card sample

We have worked with groups of various abilities and ages to test run gofindit and have had some fantastic feedback and fun along the way.  Having listened to our testers and tweaked with the format we now have a product that we are really pleased with.

kickstarter logo

Our dream is to get the game professionally printed and packaged so that we can get it into schools, activity centres, after school clubs, day centres etc, therefore we have decided to crowdfund the production costs on Kickstarter.  (Crowdfunding invites people to pledge money towards the production of a product in return for a reward, if the total funding goal isn’t reached within a set time then no one is charged any money).  See below our chart that shows how much further we have to go to reach our goal.

gofindit - a sensory outdoor treasure hunt card game -- Kicktraq Mini
To find out more about gofindit and watch the video take a look at our project page


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