The power of blog


This week we thought we’d take a break from sharing activity ideas and instead share with you some of the carers blogs out there that we really love.  We originally created this blog because we wanted to reach carers that couldn’t come out to our activity sessions due to commitments at home, but were able to log on every now and then to get support, help and information.

We have found that personal experience blogs offer a genuine, personal insight into other people’s lives and whilst we all have different experiences there is still a lot of common ground. A great blog can make you feel like your situation isn’t unique and someone out there is going, or has been through something similar. The beauty of a great blog is that it connects you with someone regardless of distance, time or situation and perhaps provides a little bit of comfort in an hour of need.

Here is a small collection of blogs that we really love;

The future’s Rosie – blog by dad Tom, about family life with Rosie who was born with Down’s Syndrome and a Complete Atrioventricular Septal Defect

A different view – blog about family life which includes Ella, who has Down’s Syndrome.  Some really beautiful photography.

Dementia Challengers blog by daughter Lee about her mother who has dementia.  It is a nice mix of sign posting to information and resources for carers mixed in with personal anecdotes and experiences.

Orange this way incredibly well written blog by Katherine about her three year old son with an undiagnosed condition.

Do you have a favourite blog for carers? let us know


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