Help your library help you

library garden

We recently held a community event at our local library and it got me thinking – libraries really are great community spaces that are under threat.

We were lucky enough to be working on a joint project with St Austell library to utilise their beautiful (and relatively undiscovered) garden for community focused events.  But this is just one example of a library looking to engage its community in new ways in order to thrive in a time when libraries are having to make drastic cuts.

Spending time in a library doesn’t have to just be about browsing books, there are book readings, music sessions, talks, internet access, games and much more.  The library can be a great welcoming and safe space for everyone and the majority have good access and accessible toilets, making it an ideal starting place for carers looking for activities or information.

So why not check your local library next time you’re looking for something to do. It might just surprise you.




2 thoughts on “Help your library help you

  1. Reblogged this on Kat Webber and commented:
    The library was a haven on weekends when I was a kid and after school when I was a teenager. And why does that have to change? Every time I go into a library, I still feel that same sense of homecoming and welcome and I hope to never lose that.
    In response to libraries coming under threat, however, I have been pleasantly surprised that in the last two towns I have lived in, new libraries have been under construction or old ones under renovation. So there must be money coming in from somewhere! Thankfully!


  2. Kat, that is great news that libraries are thriving in your area. I guess it has been more rural locations that have felt the pinch. Several small libraries in Cornwall have seen their hours reduced significantly and ironically these are the isolated places that have the greatest need for community spaces and resources.

    Thanks for the reblog.


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