October’s Nature Palette Challenge

A selection of autumn nature palettes

Nature Palette’s are a great way to observe the changing of the seasons, they invite the user to hone in on their natural environment, touch, smell, collect and create.  By getting up close to nature you often notice things you might have overlooked before, the different hues of green on an acorn, the texture of a pine cone, the smell of grass.  

We recently worked with a Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) group who had been just been diagnosed with Dementia to an outdoor space in North Cornwall. We wanted to demonstrate to the group the benefits of being outdoors, taking some gentle exercise and connecting with nature so we ran a nature palette activity.  Everyone in the group was given a foam nature palette with a sticky surface and we walked, chatted and collected.  Conversations ebbed and flowed as we stopped to look, touch, smell and collect our autumnal items.  Some people stuck their findings to the palette as they went and others made interesting patterns and shapes at the end whilst we enjoyed a well earned cup of tea.

Download Nature Palette instructions here




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