Mince pies, music and making


making Christmas decorations


We recently had a fantastic afternoon making Christmas decorations at Passmore Edwards House in Liskeard. All members of the community were invited to join us for a dementia friendly afternoon of mince pies, music and making decorations. We had so much fun chatting, laughing, telling stories and making Christmas tree decorations and table pieces.

This event was part of the Creative Spaces in the Community project   Which uses nature-based activities as creative methods to support people to spend more time outdoors, to have greater access to social opportunities and to improve other people’s knowledge of dementia so that they are better able to support those affected by it.

We will be coming back to Passmore Edwards House in the Spring to commence a community gardening project.  If you, or someone you know is interested in joining us for a bit of gentle gardening and fresh air we’d love to have you join in, no commitment or prior gardening experience needed. Just leave a comment at the bottom and we’ll get back to you.

Find out about other events in Liskeard here


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