Nature for the brain


Older people playing gofindit

Further to our recent work with Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) group leaders we have decided to partner up with Memory Matters South West to pilot a CST program with a difference.  We are focusing an element of every session around nature and the outdoors. We believe that by taking a multisensory nature based approach participants are able to get more out of CST sessions.  Each week we are combining a traditional CST ‘brain workout’ with something multisensory outdoors.  The outdoor activities can act as both cognitive stimulation and relaxation as well as a much needed bit of fresh air after all that thinking.

This week we used our game gofindit to explore the grounds of a nearby church. Working in pairs each team chose at random three cards which all have sensory characteristics.  The challenge was then to go off and find a natural item that fits each card.  Not only did the participants get to use all their senses to discover the space but they also formed new bonds working as a team with different people.  One lady who had initially been fairly disengaged became quite animated as she hunted for something ‘smelly’, she smelled leaves, bushes and flowers before settling on something she was happy with.

go find it game can help stimulate your senses



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