Guest Blog – why walking works

walkers at bodmin beacon

This week we’re pleased to invite guest blogger TK to write about his time spent with our dementia friendly walking group.  We always enjoy welcoming members of the community along to our walks as this project is about people with dementia and their carers making new social connections and in turn showing their community that there is more to dementia than a diagnosis.

TK writes: I am an ad hoc member of the walking group, neither a member of the Sensory Trust project team nor an official beneficiary.

My observations are this has been a great way to get out see different places and make new social connections. I feel fitter and I have made some new acquaintances – If it is too early to call them friends. I have seen the confidence grow of the participants who have amazed me the extent to which they have taken ownership and plan the routes and programme themselves. It has been heartening to see how a caring space is made for the members of different abilities.

Adding tea and coffee and socialising time at the end has been another key element. As a stroke survivor I am delighted and lighthearted to have been given the privilege of joining in – I have learnt how essential walking is to exercise, broadening my horizons and lifting my mood.

Walking group at St Dennis


We’d love to hear from any one else who takes part in a walking group for health and wellbeing, do you have an experience to share?


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