Our friends in the North!

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This month we’d like to share with you a case study of a new organisation in Manchester called together dementia support who are also using nature based approaches to support people with dementia living in their communities. We were thrilled when they got in touch to say they have been using some of our resources and activity ideas for one of their groups.  Not only have they started a walk and talk dementia group but have also started an activity club where they are taking a nature based approach – fabulous!

The group coordinator Gillian kindly shared some of the poems that they created using our very own Easy peasy poetry kit

A windy storm hits the beach.
Not again.
The slippery elm has fallen on the vegetables on the garden
There goes this year’s tomatoes.
Seashells have been swept into the beech tree
That’s a surprise.
The birds are no longer tweeting.
Their happy beaks are feasting on ugly bugs.
A tasty treat.
It’s too wet for the party.

poetry kit hand made bag

Example of nature poetry

You could find us on the beach collecting seashells.
Or in the morning under the Beech tree
Where the sudden rush of tweeting birds
Welcome us to a surprise party.
You can find us hiding in the vegetable patch eating tomatoes.
A tasty treat.
A windy storm uncovers ugly bugs climbing the slippery elm
Again and again
We are happy. Any time. Any place.

Find out more about Sensory Trust’s weekly walks.


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