Getting to know you picture book giveaway!


getting to know, you dementia prompt books

We have talked previously about the power of creating memory books to capture those events and memories that are important to the person you are caring for. Following on from this we have recently developed a memory picture book and we are inviting you to try it for free!

Getting to know you is an outdoor picture book which comprises of a collection of images for you to look at and talk about together giving an insight into feelings about the outdoors, memories and any particular activities that are of interest. The pictures in the book have been chosen to represent a broad range of environments, experiences and activities. The book can be used as a reminiscence tool to talk about things such as picnics, bird watching, picking strawberries or growing flowers. It can also be used to talk about activities in people’s lives now.

Don’t worry if you’re stuck for conversation starters around the images; we have also produced a prompt book which is included and can be used alongside the photo book to help prompt and inspire sensory rich conversations around each image.  Why not take it one step further and use the prompt suggestions to gather physical items to touch, smell and taste whilst going through the book. This handy little book can be used by anyone and forms a great base to inspire inter-generational conversations.

*We have ten of these books to give away so if you would like to try one out for yourself just leave a comment in the first box below and we’ll contact you to arrange the rest.

*Sorry this offer has now expired.


Have you tried the activity and want to leave comments? Please let us know what you think in the reply box at the bottom of this page.


5 thoughts on “Getting to know you picture book giveaway!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Claire from Sensory Trust very kindly sent this book to our long-term care home in Canada. Over the month, we have used it several times with various residents who range from mild to severe dementia. In almost all instances, the book was well-received and considered a success. Those with mild dementia enjoyed reminiscing while those with more severe dementia enjoyed looking at the pictures. The staff also appreciated the accompanying prompt book and found it incredibly useful. Thank you again for the book – it is a great idea and we will certainly be using it during the summer months!

    Kind regards, A.G. (Manager of Recreation and Volunteer Services), Vancouver BC Canada.

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