Rainy day activities – Guest blog

Using a nature spotting postcard

Our Clays dementia friendly walking group has been up and running for almost 12 months;  they’ve done over 50 walks and have become close friends that share laughter, fun and support each other through tough times.  We’ve been lucky with the weather over the past year; only having to cancel 3 walks – much to the dismay of the group.  So with winter being so wet and damp it was time to develop a Plan B, we’ve arranged walks in locations where we can offer an alternative activity indoors.

Dementia friendly walking group making nature spotting postcards

A couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves sheltering from the wind and rain in Treverbyn Community Hall putting together our own Nature Spotter cards.   The group split into pairs and husbands/wives/partners split up to work with others.  Each person was given a postcard template with 6 blank squares on one side and room to write a message and name on the other.  Individuals then had to put together 6 different nature-based images that they felt the other person could find out on a walk or in their back garden.  The postcards were swapped and each person has been given 2-3 weeks to find their 6 items.

It was great to see how much fun the group had choosing their items.  I’m not sure how one of our volunteers is going to get on finding a lady walking barefoot on a beach but I know she’ll do her best…..even if it is a ‘selfie’!   Chosen images included tractors, butterflies, log piles and even a pub. Now that’s an interesting walk!

By W.B.


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