Finding the diamond in the day

Sensory Trust dementia friendly group prepares for a walk

This month we chat with Carol who cares for her husband Ken. Carol has been a member of our Natural Yarns activity club, which connects people with dementia and their carers with nature and the outdoors. Carol and Ken have an amazing positive attitude towards life, taking each day as it comes.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

My beloved husband Ken has been ill since 1994 and 6 years ago  was diagnosed with both vascular dementia and inoperable spinal stenosis.

Throughout every trauma, Ken has consistently had this amazing stoic attitude; onwards and upwards. We have traveled the world, experiencing and been inspired by numerous adventures.

How do you use the outdoor space in your everyday life?

We discovered the Sensory Trust and other organisations and they have opened a new and engaging world to us which has enabled us to carry on with a full and enjoyable life together. We have enjoyed organised walks in the country with the Sensory Trust as well as workshops which have included creating collages and putting together journals. This has been so inspiring for us both that we have plans to do another journal incorporating our granddaughter.

We have a small van with ramp that enables us to carry Ken’s scooter or wheelchair to access country walks to appreciate both flora and fauna.

We realise that as we go along our journey creating memories is so important to us. We always try to find the diamond in the day.


Ken enjoying a walk on Dartmoor


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