Dementia Adventure Q&A

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This month we chat with Neil Mapes from Dementia Adventure

Hi Neil can you tell us a bit about Dementia Adventure?

Dementia Adventure is most widely known for our adventure holidays and short breaks and we have recently delivered our 50th holiday.  Last year we worked with the Sensory Trust to design and deliver a holiday in Cornwall which included nature based activities at the Eden Project amongst a full itinerary.

And why are these holidays so important?

We all know that getting out in the fresh air and having a sense of adventure in our lives makes us feel better, and for people who often spend much of their time indoors it can be doubly beneficial. Yet many people living with dementia, whether in care or in their own home, can face barriers to accessing these benefits.  These can be emotional barriers, social barriers and physical barriers such as lack of confidence, lack of support and a need for transport. We are soon to publish our Social Impact Report for 2016 which will highlight how 73% of carers who came on holiday with us in 2016 felt enabled to sustain their caring role, gaining hope and resilience.

Aside from your holidays what else do you offer?

Between February and July 2017 we are running a series of free family carers seminars around the UK. These free events are designed for family carers, informal carers or others supporting people living with dementia.

At these seminars you will:

  • Think differently about dementia, understanding it, including common symptoms
  • Continue to see the person – not the condition
  • Receive strategies to overcome communication barriers
  • Learn how to connect with your loved one using practical tips
  • Learn the benefits of contact with nature and the outdoors
  • Network with local support organisations and other family carers
  • Have the opportunity to ask individual questions
  • Receive a copy of our highly informative training pack

Find out more about the free family carers seminars taking place across the country


Neil Mapes is CEO of Dementia Adventure, based in Essex they offer training and holidays throughout the UK



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