Empathy stones

We can all find it difficult at times to talk about feelings or thoughts, particularly if they are negative. This activity helps people to express those feelings without vocalising them. Writing words, drawing colours or images onto stones and then throwing them away can be a cathartic release of negative feelings and thoughts which, left undealt with, might otherwise create health problems. 

Alternatively, this activity can also be used to express positive affirmations to yourself which, if kept, can provide personal emotional support in the future.

Materials include:

  • flat pebbles (use a craft supplier, it’s illegal to remove stones from UK beaches)
  • paint pens
  • small hessian bag (to keep the stones in if needed) 

Negative stones can be buried in the garden or thrown away on a walk whilst positive stones can be kept in the bag and used whenever you feel you need spirit and fortitude.


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