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gardening older people

Creative activities for carers is a project run by the Sensory Trust.

Our Story

We originally set up this blog with the support of Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales to test and develop a range of nature based activities and resources for carers to use at home with the person they are caring for.

The health benefits of gardening and contact with nature are well documented but remain out of the reach of many people with disabilities. We created this project to bring nature-based activities into the lives and homes of people living with
dementia, children with disabilities, adults with learning disabilities and carers.
Providing contact with nature brings pleasure, meaning and purpose into day to day lives. Benefits are shared by families and carers who need support in providing meaningful activities designed for a range of disabilities.

We created this blog to share our journey and encourage others to connect and share their experiences.

 participants taking part in nature based activities

What is the Creative Carers Network

The Creative Carers Network is a new project which builds upon our knowledge and experience in working with carers. We will be creating a model for supporting carers (especially those caring for older people with Dementia) through access to nature-based interests and activities. We will use this blog to share;

• Library of resources and activity ideas
• Case study examples of innovative groups using the outdoors
• How-to guides and films
• Free events and groups in the Cornwall area
• Training days

Who are Sensory Trust

The Sensory Trust makes places more accessible, attractive and useful for everyone, regardless of age, disability and social circumstances. Our work brings social and health benefits to people whose lives are affected by social exclusion, including older people, people with physical, sensory, and intellectual impairments and families and carers. We encourage richer connections between people and place so that people can value and get involved with their environment. We remove barriers and make places and processes more accessible so that more people can join in. We work with communities so they can contribute to the decisions that affect them and the places where they live.

3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Robert Bovington says:

    We are forming a Respite Holiday Home in Devon,
    This is a Social Enterprise Charity called NULUXE.
    Our plan is to also form a Cultural Centre together with a Sensory Garden which is coupled to the accommodation built in the farm that we have.
    My experience is being a registered carer for my late wife, who had Dementia, and planning to help other carers by having a Respite Holiday together with Sensory Teaching.
    Any help and advice from yourself would be greatly appreciated.

    Robert Bovington


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