Our first Fun Palace

Fun palaces logo

We are excited to be running our first Fun Palace this October titled Nature, Art and Play and we’d love to invite you along.

So what is a Fun Palace? Fun Palaces started in 2014 when 138 venues, locations and communities created their own events both in the UK and worldwide. They are a movement promoting community at the heart of culture, with an annual weekend of arts and science created by, for and with local people. They are always over one weekend and this year its the 7th and 8th October. Continue reading


How to design a dementia friendly garden

garden-path-benchAt Sensory Trust we get a lot of enquiries from people looking to create a more sensory and age friendly outdoor space. So we thought we’d put together our top tips for things you should consider when planning an outdoor space or garden for older people. Whether you’ve got a big budget for major works or just want to make some simple low cost changes we think the below advice will be useful. Continue reading


Activity idea: matching landscapes

Different landscapes and scenes mean different things to all of us, some people see noise and crime when they think of an urban landscape whereas others might see the excitement of the hustle and bustle. Landscapes and scenery can bring about a range of different emotions, memories and feelings and what’s really interesting is that we can all react differently to the same image.  Continue reading


Dementia Adventure Q&A

dementia adventure holiday group

This month we chat with Neil Mapes from Dementia Adventure

Hi Neil can you tell us a bit about Dementia Adventure?

Dementia Adventure is most widely known for our adventure holidays and short breaks and we have recently delivered our 50th holiday.  Last year we worked with the Sensory Trust to design and deliver a holiday in Cornwall which included nature based activities at the Eden Project amongst a full itinerary. Continue reading


Painting by nature

natural pain brushes

Painting by nature is a great way to explore the different textures and shapes of natural objects to create something beautiful. What’s more you don’t even need to be feeling particularly creative! We recently tested this activity with some dementia carers groups in London and have been really pleased with the results; this isn’t just about Continue reading


Finding the diamond in the day

Sensory Trust dementia friendly group prepares for a walk

This month we chat with Carol who cares for her husband Ken. Carol has been a member of our Natural Yarns activity club, which connects people with dementia and their carers with nature and the outdoors. Carol and Ken have an amazing positive attitude towards life, taking each day as it comes.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

My beloved husband Ken has been ill since 1994 and 6 years ago  was diagnosed with both vascular dementia and inoperable spinal stenosis. Continue reading