Painting by nature

natural pain brushes

Painting by nature is a great way to explore the different textures and shapes of natural objects to create something beautiful. What’s more you don’t even need to be feeling particularly creative! We recently tested this activity with some dementia carers groups in London and have been really pleased with the results; this isn’t just about Continue reading


Finding the diamond in the day

Sensory Trust dementia friendly group prepares for a walk

This month we chat with Carol who cares for her husband Ken. Carol has been a member of our Natural Yarns activity club, which connects people with dementia and their carers with nature and the outdoors. Carol and Ken have an amazing positive attitude towards life, taking each day as it comes.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

My beloved husband Ken has been ill since 1994 and 6 years ago  was diagnosed with both vascular dementia and inoperable spinal stenosis. Continue reading


Q&A with Sydenham Garden; dementia, nature & outdoors

Outdoor activities at Sydenham GardenThis month we chat to Rose Pickering – dementia project lead at Sydenham Garden. Rose works to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia by incorporating nature and the outdoors.

Can you give a brief outline of what you do at Sydenham Garden and the type of people you work with?

Sydenham Garden is a unique wellbeing centre utilising its gardens, nature reserve and activity rooms to help people in their recovery from mental and physical ill-health in Lewisham, London. Continue reading


Why I set up a Memory Cafe: the student with the grand plan


We chat with Ellie Robinson Carter who, as a student set up Penryn Memory Cafe.

Why did you decide to set up Penryn Memory Cafe?

As a student at York University I led a memory café for people living with dementia in the local area. This came about when I lost my grandfather to dementia; I sought to understand his journey, and help others whose lives were also affected by dementia. On moving to Penryn, to study for my MA I wanted to continue volunteering with people living with dementia. Continue reading


Using your garden throughout the seasons

collecting flowers at Potager garden

As autumn approaches it can often feel like the garden is winding down for the winter. While there are many clearing and pruning jobs to be done it is also important to remember that the garden and in fact any outdoor green space can be an important indicator that the seasons are changing.  Gardens provide us with a wealth of sensory experience, and when caring for people with dementia, gardens can be used Continue reading